South Thailand hit by extensive flooding due to heavy rain

South Thailand has been hit by extensive flooding over the last two days due to relentless heavy rain, impacting Narathiwat and Yala provinces. The flood has affected 67 sub-districts across 16 districts, disrupting the lives of thousands of inhabitants.

The inundation in Narathiwat has flooded nine districts on Monday morning, including Waeng, Sukhirin, Chanae, Rangae, Sungai Padi, Si Sakhon, Cho Airong, Yingo and Ruso. The flood has impacted 9,558 households and 37,901 individuals in 44 sub-districts. The Yingo district was the most severely affected, with 2,755 households and 11,020 people impacted, followed by the Chanae district with 2,115 affected households and 9,626 residents, and one school damaged. In the Rangae district, 2,073 households and 8,087 people were affected, with damages to seven schools.

Meanwhile, in Yala, the flooding has hit 23 sub-districts across seven districts, namely Thanto, Yaha, Kabang, Bannang Sata, Raman, Krong Pinang, and Muang. Yala town, especially the low-lying areas, saw significant inundation of houses and roads. On Monday morning, the Tuebo-Sateng Nok road was submerged under one metre of water, making it inaccessible for small vehicles. Communities of Talad Kao and Withoon Uthit were flooded due to water overflow from Bae Mo swamp. Tessabal 5 School located in the Talad Kao area was severely under water, leading to its closure for two days till the situation improves.

Chaiwat Junthirapong, the director-general of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, stated that provincial offices are collaborating with local administrations to drain the floodwater and assess the overall damages for providing aid and compensation, reported Bangkok Post.

For assistance, please reach out to the department’s complaint centre at 1784. Also, stay updated with disaster warnings via the THAI DISASTER ALERT application.

In related news, back in late November, the Royal Irrigation Department completes flood mitigation study in Klong Roy Sai, Surat Thani, promising benefits like reduced flooding and improved water drainage for local residents.

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