Taiwanese YouTuber sparks debate with controversial naked sushi party

Photo courtesy of 超派人生 (Facebook)

The wealthy Taiwanese YouTuber, Chao Ge, sparked internet buzz after posting pictures of a birthday party he had arranged for a friend. The standout feature of the celebration was the naked sushi, where various Japanese dishes were served on the body of a naked woman, used as an alternative to a dining plate.

Chao Ge is widely recognised as the wealthiest YouTuber in Taiwan. He recently shared pictures from a birthday party he had arranged for an acquaintance, causing a stir amongst netizens, reported Sanook. The photographs revealed the central attraction of the event was naked sushi. This involved serving a variety of Japanese dishes such as raw fish, sushi, and assorted seafood rice on the body of a naked woman, who lay across the table as if her body were a serving dish.

Asserting that the birthday party was purely artistic and not connected to any indecent or explicit nudity, Chao Ge sparked a variety of reactions. Once the images were posted, numerous netizens flooded the comment section with mixed responses. Some comments included, “It’s absolutely amazing”, “Help me out, try placing it underarm”, “Does this woman have to lie until you finish eating?”, “Does it smell of sweat?” and “Only real men will understand. It’s totally cool.”

The concept of naked sushi is also known as Nyotaimori in Japan, involves presenting sushi or sashimi on a naked woman’s body. This practice, though not mainstream, has been controversial due to concerns over objectification and hygiene. However, it has been used in various forms of entertainment and events, particularly in the adult entertainment industry. Chao Ge opted to incorporate naked sushi in the birthday celebration, defending it as an art form rather than explicit content. Despite controversies surrounding objectification and hygiene concerns, he emphasized the artistic intention behind the inclusion.

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