Songkhla power plant hit by armed assault and explosions

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

Armed individuals dressed in camouflage stormed a power plant in Songkhla province early morning today, setting off three explosions and burning tyres in a coordinated incident that caused significant disruption.

The event unfolded around 12.10am, today, April 26, when surveillance footage captured clear images of four individuals armed with what appeared to be military-grade weapons.

The most severe incident occurred at 12.26am when four suspects, disguised in black camouflage and armed with long guns, likely military in nature, infiltrated the Rung Thiva iOmas power plant located in the area of Ban Plak Bo, Saba Yoi district, Songkhla.

During the assault, three blasts were heard, causing extensive damage to the boiler building of the facility. Further examination of CCTV footage revealed two individuals carrying a gas cylinder and two large bags, presumed to be filled with fuel, into the building around the same time. The explosions occurred shortly after, at 12.56am.

The impact of the blasts inflicted considerable damage on the structure of the power plant. The Thai authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Simultaneously, in a related act of sabotage, tyres were set ablaze near the bridge at the boundary between Pattani’s Kok Pho district and Songkhla’s Thepha district, specifically in the area of Moo 2, Ba Najo, Tha Muang subdistrict, Thepha.

This act of arson took place on both sides of the road in Mu 2, Ba Najo, Tha Mueang district, Thepha, in the vicinity of the border with Kok Pho district, Pattani, reported KhaoSod.

The deliberate ignition of the tyres was part of a broader campaign to create chaos and is linked to several other disturbances occurring in the three southern border provinces the previous night, including the arson of a biomass power plant in Pattani’s Mae Lan district.

In related news, a 56 year old Thai man has been terrorising his community in Chumphon, threatening to kill residents and local officials.

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