Single Russian roulette bullet kills two men

PHOTO: A man playing Russian roulette killed himself and a friend with a single bullet. (via Adobe)

A single irresponsible bullet ended the life of two men playing a game in Ayutthaya in the early hours of yesterday morning. While playing a game of Russian roulette, a 30 year old man fired a .38 calibre pistol at his head and lost the game.

The bullet passed through his head and hit his 23 year old friend who was sitting next to him. Both men were shot in the head and died on the spot.

The man who pulled the trigger had a history of gunshots, having become disabled after a previous gunshot wound. He was from Ang Thong province and had been invited by a friend of the second dead man to come to Autthaya to celebrate before that celebration became deadly.

The incident occurred at 3.30am when the Bang Pa-In Police Station was contacted about two people who had been shot dead on Rojana Road on the way into Ayutthaya. Police arrived at the scene with a team of officers and rescuers.

Upon arrival, the police found the two men lying dead, one on a table and the other on the footpath. The first man was still holding the pistol after firing it into his head. His friend was on the ground, still wearing his student uniform.

The friends had been drinking and eating at a shop after leaving a bar. One of the men in the group took out his pistol and showed it to his friends. He removed some of the bullets from the gun. the man then aimed the gun at his right temple and pulled the trigger.

The bullet passed through his head and hit his young friend, who died on the spot.

Police found four bullets on the ground and a bottle of booze and a soda mixer on the table. They are investigating the cause of death and have cordoned off the spot where the two men died. The forensic team collected evidence and will question the friends in detail later.

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