Rare albino frog discovery in Kamphaeng Phet sparks lottery frenzy

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A rare albino frog discovered during a rainstorm in Kamphaeng Phet sparked local excitement and speculation about potential lottery numbers.

The unusual amphibian was found by 51 year old Sompong Tongteng outside his home in Ban Nong Jok, Khamphaeng Phet Province.

Two days ago, heavy rainfall in the village brought a chorus of frogs onto the streets. Sompong, while riding his motorcycle and using a flashlight, noticed a peculiar white reflection. Upon closer inspection, he found a male albino frog with strikingly pinkish-red eyes among the regular frogs.

“I placed my hand on the ground and prayed that if the frog wanted to stay with us, it would jump into my palm. To my astonishment, it did just that, so I brought it home to show my wife.”

Sompong’s family, particularly the elder members, expressed astonishment at the sight of the albino frog, noting that in over 80 years, they had never seen such a creature. Common frogs in the region, known as ung kok, typically appear in black or brown hues with distinctive patterns during the rainy season. The appearance of this albino frog was deemed extraordinary, leading the family to believe it might bring good luck.

Eager to explore the frog’s potential for fortune, Sompong invited family and neighbours to examine the frog. They brought flowers, incense, candles, and powder to rub on the frog’s belly, searching for lottery numbers. Many reported seeing numbers like 309, 509, 30, 59, and 50. Additionally, they used fortune incense to predict numbers, resulting in 589 and 569, reported KhaoSod.

The community collectively believes that the albino frog will bring luck in the upcoming lottery draw.

“From now on, we will keep the frog in our home as a symbol of good fortune.”

The discovery of the albino frog has added a sense of wonder and anticipation in Ban Nong Jok, with many locals eagerly awaiting the lottery results, convinced that this rare find will bring them good luck.

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