Hoppy news: Rare albino frog spawns lottery luck in Khon Kaen

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Residents in Khon Kaen province have been captivated by the discovery of a rare albino frog, which they believe to be a harbinger of good fortune. This unusual amphibian was stumbled upon after a rainstorm, prompting villagers to flock to see it in anticipation of uncovering lucky lottery numbers.

Social media and various pages across Khon Kaen province have been buzzing with images from the Khon Kaen Community News page.

The page posted pictures of a rare yellow-gold frog with pinkish-white limbs and face, along with a caption stating, “It’s an albino frog, folks. Never seen one before. Found in Ban Dong, Ubolratana district. If any reporters want to come and see it, my dad caught it last night. My mom wants to release it but I suggested keeping it for now in case anyone wants to see it.”

Reporters visited the site at House No. 11, Moo 3, Ban Dong, Ubolratana district, Khon Kaen province, where they met 53 year old Paisan Manet and 50 year old Kannika Manet, the husband and wife who discovered and captured the rare frog.

Upon learning of the discovery, locals gathered to admire the frog’s unique appearance. The frog, predominantly albino with golden-yellow patches on its back, has been described as having frog-like legs, resembling a hybrid between a frog and a toad.

Kannika sprinkled powder on the frog’s back and belly to reveal lucky numbers. Some villagers noted the numbers 23 and 57, while others kept their observations private, believing that revealing the numbers might lessen their luck. A vendor arrived on a motorcycle with lottery tickets, and many villagers bought one or two tickets, hoping to strike it lucky before heading home.

Good fortune

Kannika expressed her belief that the frog brings good fortune.

“I believe this frog is here to bring luck. Without luck, we wouldn’t have seen an albino frog like this. My husband has been catching frogs for over 20 years and has never seen one with these colours—albino and golden. I don’t dare cook it with the other frogs he caught. I considered keeping it, but I don’t know what it eats. So, I plan to release it in the garden to allow it to breed.”

The frog’s distinct appearance has led some to believe it resembles a toad, with larger eyes and a head, unlike typical frogs. Its hind legs also appear more frog-like, adding to its unique characteristics.

In another development, popular lottery numbers for the upcoming draw include numbers from the Chinese calendar, Thaksin’s car registration, and other well-known sources.

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