Python surprise: Slippery situation at Phang Nga Police Station

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A large python was found in the engine compartment of a confiscated pickup truck at the Thap Put Police Station in Phang Nga, causing quite a commotion. Police officers managed to safely extract the snake after a resident discovered it and reported the incident.

The discovery of a sizable python in a confiscated Isuzu pickup truck disrupted the routine training of the police officers at Thap Put Police Station in Phang Nga. A local, who had been inspecting the vehicle involved in a past accident, informed the officers about the snake. The vehicle, a blue Isuzu with the registration number บย 5977, had been parked behind the station, awaiting repairs.

The officers, led by Witoon Kongraksa, responded promptly to the report. They found the python coiled around the engine, presenting a challenging extraction. Despite some officers’ fear of snakes, they worked together for nearly 30 minutes to safely remove the reptile. The python measured over 3 metres in length and weighed more than 10 kilogrammes. It was then placed in a sack and later released into a nearby forest.

Witoon Kongraksa, who has previous experience in handling snakes, mentioned that he wasn’t afraid.

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“I’ve helped locals catch pythons before. Usually, pythons are not very aggressive, so catching them isn’t that difficult.”

The incident drew the attention of the vehicle’s owner and some officers, who noted the licence plate number, speculating that it might bring them luck in the upcoming lottery draw on July 1, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, in a scene that would have been more fitting in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, a den of 13 pythons swarmed into a home in Kamphaeng Phet and attacked a 34 year old man. Rescue workers captured the snakes and transported the injured man to the hospital for further treatment.

In other news, villagers in Chai Nat province captured a massive python weighing over 50 kilogrammes after it was found hiding in a grass clump, having just fed. They believe it to be a sacred snake due to its enormous size.

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