Cameroonian man seeks lucky numbers at temple ceremony

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A Cameroonian man recently participated in a sacred ceremony at Wat Sawang Arom in Nakhon Pathom, seeking divine blessings and lucky numbers to share with his Thai wife. The event took place yesterday, June 26, at 11am, with a lively atmosphere as people gathered to pray for prosperity and good fortune.

The temple attracts a diverse crowd, especially as the lottery draw date approaches. Many visitors seek blessings from various sacred figures housed within the temple, including Phra Ngern Phra Thong (the Golden Buddha), Luang Phor Ruai, and the famous Kumarn Thong Nong Kao Love Love 30 million.

The ceremony was led by the abbot of Wat Sawang Arom, Phra Kru Yati Thammanuyut, also known as Luang Pho Pae. He performed the sacred ritual of inscribing yantra tattoos on the back of devotees’ hands. This ritual is believed to bring good fortune and protection.

A significant number of devotees and lottery enthusiasts attended the event, including individuals from Thailand, Cameroon, and Taiwan, who were eager to receive the blessing. Before the ceremony began, Luang Pho Pae guided the participants in praying to the temple’s sacred statues.

A 45 year old businessman Pitsanu Promsont shared his experience of attending the ceremony with his Cameroonian friend, a professional footballer and coach at a local football academy. He mentioned that they brought a toy backhoe as an offering. He whispered to the spirit, asking for lucky numbers and received numbers 17, 15, and 7 from shaking the bamboo sticks.

The Cameroonian, 31 year old Frankie Romero, made a dramatic entrance on a scooter, heading straight to Kumarn Thong Nong Kao. He offered the scooter to the spirit, seeking lucky numbers. He then shook the urn and received numbers 8 and 4. Romero expressed his wish to share the lucky numbers with his Thai wife, reported KhaoSod.

As the lottery draw date nears, many continue to flock to Wat Sawang Arom, hoping to receive blessings and the elusive lucky numbers that could change their fortunes. The temple remains a focal point for those seeking divine intervention in their quest for prosperity and good luck.

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