Hiss-terical find: Massive python captured in Chai Nat province

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Villagers in Chai Nat province captured a massive python weighing over 50 kilogrammes after it was found hiding in a grass clump, having just fed. They believe it to be a sacred snake due to its enormous size.

Volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation, Chai Nat branch, worked together to capture a giant python yesterday, May 28, at Wat Don Pho Si in Huai Krot Pattana sub-district, Sankhaburi district, Chai Nat. The snake was discovered by a monk who was cutting grass around the temple grounds. The python, with an exceptionally large body, appeared to have a swollen belly, indicating it had recently consumed a meal.

The python was so full that it could not slither away, making it easier for the volunteers to capture and place it in a sack before releasing it back into the wild. Villagers are convinced it is a sacred snake due to its size.

Pakong Thongmee, the village headman of Moo 4, shared that the abbot of Wat Don Pho Si, Phra Kru Photichairangsi (Srinuan Thit Silo), alerted him about the snake. The monk had accidentally disturbed the python while cutting grass, revealing its large body hidden beneath the grass clump. Concerned for the safety of others, the monk requested assistance to capture the snake and release it safely.

Upon closer inspection, it was believed that the python had consumed a dog, as it was lying motionless under the grass clump, unable to move. During the capture attempt, the snake lunged at the volunteers, but they managed to loop a noose around its head and bring it to an open area to place it in a sack. The python measured approximately 4 metres in length and weighed over 50 kilogrammes.

In his experience of capturing snakes and helping villagers, Pakong stated that this was the largest python he had ever encountered. The temple had never seen a python of this size before.

Sacred snake

The villagers’ belief in the python being sacred stems from its massive size. Despite their fears, they assured the snake they were capturing it to release it into a forested area, not to harm it, reported KhaoSod.

“We were all frightened, but we made sure to tell the snake that we were capturing it to release it and not to kill it,” Pakong said.

The python was then released into a forested area where it could continue to live naturally.

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