Thai fortune teller’s readings spark controversy on social media

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A recent incident has rattled social media, where a popular Thai fortune teller, known for her expensive rates and precise predictions, has been accused of using information from clients’ mobile phones for their readings. The case came to light when a TikTok user, cakekanokon, posted a video warning others about this practice.

Today, three clients, Pam, Cake and Hem, revealed their experiences. Hem, who is a firm believer in fortune-telling, decided to try the services of this celebrated fortune teller after hearing about her accuracy. Upon her visit, she was taken aback by the fortune teller’s detailed knowledge about her and her circle, even her national identification number and her company’s name. Consequently, she brought seven of her friends to experience this uncanny precision.

One of these friends, Cake, was particularly startled when the fortune teller knew her friend’s company name. Following her reading, the fortune teller asked to look at family pictures on Cake’s phone. As the fortune teller perused the images, she wrote Sakha Bantad Thong on a piece of paper, which turned out to be the name of Cake’s restaurant. Cake was puzzled why the fortune teller wrote this down, but she proceeded to ask questions about her business.

Another friend, who was sceptical about fortune-telling, also decided to see the fortune teller. Upon his session’s conclusion, he emerged with a confused expression, explaining that the fortune teller had written down his recent call history from his phone. He also noted that the fortune teller spent a significant amount of time looking at his mobile device, which raised his suspicions.

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The fourth friend, Hem’s brother, wanted to test the fortune teller. He intentionally wrote nonsense in his phone’s note, which the fortune teller ended up writing down during his reading, reported KhaoSod.

The fifth friend, Pam, took a more proactive approach. She swapped her phone with Cake’s before her session. To her astonishment, the fortune teller’s predictions were based on Cake’s data, including the made-up names in the call history.

These incidents raised their suspicions about the methods. They concluded that the predictions were based on data from their mobile phones rather than genuine psychic abilities. This discovery was particularly disheartening given the high cost of the readings, which ranged from 32,000 to 35,000 baht per person for a 20-minute session.

After their collective experiences, the group decided to confront the agent who had arranged their readings. They explained their observations with no intention to attack, but they were surprised that the agent did not seem shocked by their revelations. The agent agreed to refund the group, approximately 300,000 baht for all nine of them.

The incident was shared on social media to warn others, particularly those who are fond of fortune telling, to critically analyse the information they receive. They also wanted to highlight the potential for exploitation, especially when readings cost a significant amount of money.

Despite their experiences, they stressed that they did not intend to discredit other clients who had positive experiences with the fortune teller or question their authenticity. They believe that everyone should have the freedom to follow their beliefs but with a cautious mind. After their revelation, many other clients came forward with similar experiences, affirming their suspicions about the methods.

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