Albino Eel becomes Prachin Buri’s lucky charm as villagers flock for fortune

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An unusual albino eel, believed to bring good fortune, has become the centre of attraction in Prachin Buri province. Yesterday, a 51 year old resident of house number 15 caught the unusual-looking creature, different from typical eels. The eel has an appearance much like an electric neon bulb and residents have been gathering daily to catch a sight of it, hoping it would bring them luck. The resident, Den Chandai, said…

“Usually, people come around payday hoping to strike lucky numbers for the lottery.”

It was reported that Ajarn Rung, a local spiritual person, was invited to perform a ritual asking for good luck. What transpired caused sheer amazement among the villagers as the numbers 581 were revealed – matching Den’s house number (15) and age (51), inversely ordered. An onlooker also noticed the number 37 on the albino eel’s head.

According to 65 year old Urai Kaewkrajang, Den’s sister, the albino eel is different from ordinary ones. It has a creamy colour throughout his body, and since her brother has been keeping it, waves of villagers have been coming non-stop to see it. An initial offer of 5,000 baht was made to buy the creature, which Den agreed to sell, reported KhaoSod.

“However, while I was gently stroking the albino eel, it suddenly spouted water out from its mouth and by its ears. I had goosebumps at that moment,” Urai noted, explaining their change of mind about the sale. Even though they had prepared to hand it over to the buyer, they ended up deciding to keep the albino eel at the house like before.

In a recent event, approximately 3,000 Chinese nationals participated in an online ritual in Chiang Mai, aiming to attract prosperity and fortune in their lives. This ceremony, believed to bring good luck and erase bad fortune, involved the participants lighting candles while monks recited chants. To know more about this ceremony, click here.

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