Gangland-style gunfight in Thai restaurant leads to death of 45 year old man

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In an unsettling event in Ang Thong, a ferocious gunfight erupted in a restaurant, resulting in a 45 year old man losing his life. With over 30 cartridge cases found at the scene, the suspected rival believed to be severely injured fled in a Sedan car. The incident unleashed chaos late evening yesterday.

The gunfight venue, located in the city municipality area, is a semi-pub restaurant. Police found a pool of blood and numerous bullet shells spread across the gunfight event site. Among the debris, a 9-millimetre handgun was also discovered. The injured victim was rushed to Ang Thong Hospital by emergency responders, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Phumphat, known as “Ek Wat Channiramit” sustained two bullet wounds on his abdomen and another six to his back. The identity of the assailant remains unknown till now. However, the alleged gunman discarded a white and blue Honda Nova motorbike bearing the number ‘Kor Bor Por 222’ from Singburi, which was used for commuting to the gunfight crime scene, before escaping in an unidentified Sedan model car.

The crime scene was littered with a considerable amount of blood, leading authorities to speculate that the gunman was also severely injured in the gunfire exchange. The police have forwarded the information to all hospitals about potential patients with gunshot wounds, instructing them to notify Ang Thong City Police Station promptly if any such gunfight cases appear.

Gangland-style gunfight in Thai restaurant leads to death of 45 year old man | News by Thaiger
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Stories from the restaurant’s musicians of the gunfight suggest that the perpetrator arrived at the location on a motorbike, brandishing a considerable firearm, thought to be a military-grade weapon. He moved towards the group that included the victim, asking, “Who is staring at me?” initiating a confrontation before the deceased fled behind the restaurant. The victim came out later, wielding a gun, and exchanged multiple rounds with the assailant before collapsing, reported KhaoSod.

Accounts from the kitchen staff detailed how the victim rushed out from the back of the restaurant and returned fire at the perpetrator before losing his life in the gunfight. Emergency responders who arrived at the scene volunteered that they attempted to resuscitate the wounded man and quickly transported him for emergency treatment, where he later died.

An initial inspection of the gunfight revealed many bullet shells at the crime scene, including nine inside the restaurant at the victim’s location and 23 outside near the perpetrator’s spot. The police, now aware of the assailant group’s identity, are urgently seeking the suspect for further investigation and legal proceedings.

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