Virtual vibes: Chinese nationals seek fortune, prosperity through online ritual in Chiang Mai

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Nearly 3,000 Chinese nationals took part in an online ritual performed in Chaing Mai province in the northern part of Thailand to attract fortune and prosperity into their lives.

Chiang Mai News reported today that netizens from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and China participated in the online ceremony performed by a Thai cult leader named Sub Muneethep.

This mystical ritual physically took place at the esteemed Wang Tarn Temple in Chiang Mai, while simultaneously being broadcasted through various social media platforms, allowing foreigners to witness and partake in the profound experience.

The ritual was operated in front of a respectful Naka statue at the temple. The ceremony is believed to bring good luck to participants while getting get rid of bad luck and bad spirits. The process involved lighting candles for the same number of participants while the monks were chanting.

A few months prior to the ceremony, Sub invited foreigners who believed in the Naka to submit their names and pictures via social media to partake in the remote ceremony. Their names and pictures were printed out and stuck to each candle.

Nearly 3,000 candles were devoted to Chinese netizens who participated in the ceremony through the online broadcast. Some Chinese people even travelled to the province to join the activity. Some Chinese vendors who sold amulets and charms in China also came to the event together with names and pictures of their customers.

A Chinese man who joined the ceremony at the temple, 34 year old Liang Huang Pua, revealed to Chiang Mai News that he had eight amulet shops in China. People in China knew Sub and called him the “Man in white attire.” He believed that the sacred Naka bought him both success and money. Many other Chinese people also believed in the same thing.

The report reveals the popularity of this kind of ritual in Thailand among the Chinese community. A similar account emerged in April earlier this year.

A Chinese businessman wished his business to be successful at a shrine in Thailand. After his dream came true, he fulfilled his promise by hiring more than 10 sexy girls to dance at a shrine in Thailand.

During the month, a Vietnamese sacred object seller also embarked on a journey to Thailand to partake in a consecration ceremony conducted by another esteemed Thai cult leader named Kawin Monmunee. The woman revealed to the media that the sacred items from the cult were very popular among her customers in Vietnam.

Chinese online ceremony Chiang Mai
Photo via Facebook/ กูรู้..โลกรู้

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