Change Party leader launches revived digital lottery platform

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Change Party leader Not Phanthawat Nakvisut yesterday made an assertive move in the digital lottery business arena by re-launching a platform called ‘Lottery Plus.’

Not emphasised the revival of his digital lottery business, changing the name from ‘Prizedraw Plus’ to ‘Lottery Plus.’ This move seemingly signals his determination to re-establish his mark in the lottery world, after a temporary standstill. Shortly after its commencement of selling at 2.07pm yesterday, the company announced a temporary system closure due to a significant sales surge resulting in stock depletion.

Lottery Plus started trading at 2.07pm on the previous day. Unfortunately, the demand surpassed the supply, leading to a temporary site closure. At 9.27pm on the same day, a message was posted on the Lottery Plus page stating that the system was temporarily shut down as all lottery tickets were sold out.

The page administrators apologised for any inconvenience caused and assured that they would restock and reactivate the platform on the following day.

In related news, following his visit to the widely recognised Tiger Shrine, a fortunate Thai man purchased 19 digital lottery tickets and went on to win a jackpot worth 114 million baht. Feeling grateful and faithful, he took offerings to the Tiger Shrine to pay respect, attributing his fortune to the shrine.

He and his family lit 30,000 sticks of incense during their visit, a symbolic act of making amends or showing gratitude. To read more click HERE.

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