Pet abandonment tragedy: Shih Tzu dies after two year wait for owners at Bangkok vet clinic

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The heart-wrenching saga of Dano, a seven year old Shih Tzu, has been shared by a local vet, shedding light on a tale of pet abandonment that unfolded over two agonising years. Dano’s poignant story began when he was left at a veterinary clinic in Bangkok and tragically ended with his passing, abandoned by owners who had initially appeared caring and attentive.

Dano, a beloved canine companion, was a regular visitor at Vibhavadi Animal Clinic. His owners, a devoted couple, diligently brought him in for routine check-ups, vaccinations, and grooming sessions.

Even when they welcomed a new addition to their family, the vet cautioned them not to neglect Dano, especially given his breed’s susceptibility to dry eyes and skin infections without proper care. The owners, assuring the vet of their deep love for Dano, professed that he was cherished “like a child.”

Yet, the course of Dano’s life took a tragic turn when he fell gravely ill due to his owners’ neglect. He endured a high fever, jaundice, breathlessness, and painful sores.

The diagnosis was disheartening – Dano was battling blood parasites, anaemia, heart disease, dry eye disease, and arthritis, all chronic conditions necessitating intensive care. For two months, the veterinary team worked tirelessly to nurse him back to health but then a cruel silence descended.

Dano’s owners inexplicably ceased their visits and stopped responding to calls from the clinic. The vet, driven by compassion, made attempts to reunite Dano with his owners, offering to personally return him to their doorstep.

Pet abandonment

Regrettably, the owners never materialised to reclaim their pet. As Dano slowly recovered, he spent his days waiting patiently by the clinic’s glass door, refusing to venture outside, even when the door was left ajar. He warmly greeted all who entered, his eyes filled with hope, forever yearning for the return of the owners who had abandoned him.

After two years of waiting at the clinic, Dano passed away due to heart failure, his hopes dashed and heartbroken. The vet could only wish for Dano to be reborn as a human in his next life.

Throughout his stay at the clinic, Dano never caused any problems. He followed the staff around every day, and they tried to make his days enjoyable, with daily bike rides around the clinic when there were few patients.

The vet and the clinic bore all the expenses for Dano’s care during the two years, reported Sanook.

The vet concluded the emotional pet abandonment post by urging people to be responsible pet owners and not to abandon them even when they have children or other commitments.

If they are not ready to take on a decade-long commitment, they should not adopt pets in the first place. Abandoning pets and making them other people’s burdens is sinful.

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