Thai woman rescues 19 puppies abandoned in Isaan forest

Photo via Facebook/ Suputtra Linthong

A Thai woman rescued 19 puppies that were abandoned near a roadside forest in the Isaan province of Nong Bua Lamphu. The animal lover is now looking for new homes for the abandoned puppies.

The compassionate woman shared pictures of the black and light brown coloured puppies on a Facebook group on Tuesday, August 8, in the hope of finding new homes for the cute little pups. The 30 year old animal lover, Suputtra Linthong, said…

“Some mean people abandoned 19 little puppies. Please contact me if you want to take care of all of them or some of them. I am not sure about their genders because it was raining and I hurried to move them out of the area.”

The pictures revealed that each pup was soaked through from a recent downpour. It appears that Suputtra got there just in as some of them might have drowned in the forming puddles.

Many netizens expressed their interest in adopting and caring for the puppies, and a number praised Suputtra for her kind heart.

The post went viral on Thai social media and caught the attention of a veterinarian from the Nong Bua Lamphu Animal Health Centre where Suputtra usually took her pet dog to receive treatment. The centre offered the necessary care until the animals are healthy enough to go to their new homes.

The centre later updated the health condition of each puppy stating some of the puppies were healthy while others were a bit weak because they had been soaked in the rain for a long time. Several of the pups were sneezing due to the moisture in their lungs. They were all very hungry and had fleas which the centre sorted.

The centre added that each puppy needed close care for three to four days before they were ready to travel. The centre later shared pictures of each puppy in a healthier state.

Suputtra told ThaiRath that she was happy the pups were now safe and healthy. She urged all pet owners not to abandon their animals in this fashion.

“No matter what animal, they need love and care. They have a life just like a human. Please always love them. Some people love them only when they are little animals and abandon them when they grow up or when they have a number of offspring. Do not think that they are just pets. Their lives are as valuable as ours.”

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