Pattaya’s new campaign puts the brakes on illegal bike parking

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Pattaya City’s latest public awareness campaign, launched yesterday outside Terminal 21, aimed to curb the rampant issue of motorcycles parking on footpaths. However, the initiative has sparked mixed reactions from residents and visitors, revealing deeper frustrations over the city’s parking infrastructure.

The campaign, spearheaded by the Policy and Planning Division of the Pattaya City Office, focused on educating the public about the prohibition of sidewalk parking and encouraging the use of designated parking areas within Terminal 21. Despite these efforts, feedback from the community has highlighted severe inadequacies in the existing parking facilities.

One resident suggested that repurposing existing areas could help meet the growing demand.

“Every time I visit, the motorcycle parking is full. There are more motorcycles than cars. Additional parking spaces should be created.”

While acknowledging the campaign’s intentions, many citizens stressed the necessity of consistent enforcement to mitigate inconvenience effectively.

“What you’re doing is commendable, but enforcement must be strict and predictable to minimise disruption. Consistency is crucial.”

The call for citywide enforcement of traffic regulations resonated strongly.

“Traffic violations are rampant across the city. This initiative should extend beyond a single location to encompass all of Pattaya.”

Specific areas like Soi Buakhao have been identified as persistent trouble spots, despite intermittent crackdowns.

“Enforcement on Soi Buakhao is sporadic. Violations resume shortly after each enforcement phase.”

City officials acknowledged these shortcomings and reaffirmed their commitment to improving both enforcement strategies and parking infrastructure, reported Pattaya Mail.

“We are dedicated to enhancing our enforcement measures and expanding parking facilities to better serve residents and visitors.”

In related news, residents and tourists on Jomtien Beach were left fuming after a beach umbrella operator was accused of monopolising parking access to their designated area, despite being a public space. The conduct of the operator sparked concerns among the beachgoers, prompting Deputy Mayor Wuthisak Rermkijakarn to take swift action.

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