Patong thief linked to multiple shop thefts remains at large

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A woman suspected of stealing a gold amulet and 600 baht in cash from a smoothie shop in Patong has been linked to at least six other thefts in the area, yet she remains at large.

Caught on CCTV on June 27, the woman was seen taking the amulet and cash from the smoothie shop. Subsequent footage and images shared online indicate her involvement in several other thefts.

The social media page named 1 Day, Over 1,000 Stories in Phuket reported that on the night of June 25, the thief targeted six different shops, causing significant damage. Victims have submitted evidence to the Patong Police Station.

CCTV footage from three of the shops identified the same woman, who was previously seen stealing cash and the gold amulet, operating during the early hours when the shops were closed.

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Despite the clear evidence, Patong police have not yet apprehended the suspect.

Ann, the owner of a restaurant on Phra Barami Road and another victim of the thief, shared her experience. Her shop was closed and unstaffed when the thief stole a mobile phone, though she failed to access the cash register.

That same night, the thief also targeted a nearby Indian restaurant, stealing cash.

Ann reported the incidents to Patong Police and provided them with CCTV footage. However, the thief remains at large, prompting Ann to call on the police to expedite the investigation and capture the suspect, reported Phuket News.

ORIGINAL STORY: Police hunt woman who stole gold amulet and 600 baht in Patong

A woman is being sought by police in Patong for stealing a gold amulet and 600 baht from a smoothie shop early today.

Patong police responded to the incident on Sawasdirak Road at 10.50am today after the shop owner, known as Aum, reported the theft. She had closed her shop at 2.30am and found the items missing when she returned to reopen at 11am.

CCTV footage revealed an unidentified Thai woman entering the shop around 4am and taking the items. Aum immediately contacted the police upon discovering the theft.

“This is the first time I’ve experienced a theft at my shop. I hope the thief will return the gold amulet, as it is a cherished item.”

The CCTV footage was widely shared on social media, leading to numerous comments and additional information about the thief. Some individuals even provided supplementary CCTV footage to aid the investigation.

The footage showed the thief counting the stolen money in a nearby shop. Although she appeared unaware of the gold amulet’s value, her face was captured on the CCTV, facilitating the police’s efforts.

Police are now working to apprehend the woman and recover the stolen items, reported Phuket News.

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