Phayao jackfruit tree bears amulet-shaped fruit, spurs lottery fever

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A peculiar jackfruit tree in Phayao province has become a source of excitement and superstition among locals after bearing fruit that resembles traditional Thai amulets. The tree, situated in front of the buildings of Ban Thung Pa Kha School in the Sri Thoi sub-district of Mae Chai district, is over 10 years old and stands approximately 3 metres tall.

Its branches are adorned with clusters of fruit, some of which display unusual shapes, including one that bears a striking resemblance to a curled-up child, akin to the popular Thai Kuman Thong amulet.

Residents and school staff, intrigued by the oddity, have flocked to see the jackfruit, with some interpreting the peculiar fruit as an omen of good luck, prompting a flurry of lottery number predictions. The school janitor, who planted the tree, shared that despite the dry conditions this year, the tree has produced an abundant crop, reported KhaoSod.

Among the plentiful fruit, one particular jackfruit drew attention for its unique shape, which spurred both teachers and villagers to gather and ponder the potential significance, with some converting their interpretations into lottery numbers, and others counting the fruits to divine lucky digits.

In related news, a woman‘s luck continued to soar after she won a substantial lottery prize immediately following a traditional Thai ritual to boost fortune. The 32 year old Thai lottery winner returned to the temple to give thanks and participated in the ritual again, hoping for a repeat of her recent windfall.

The temple at Wat Song Sawei, also known as Wat Ai Som Chun, in Wat Sing district of Chai Nat province, became a buzzing hub of activity. Daily, thousands of lottery enthusiasts and the general public flock to the temple, seeking blessings from the revered monk, Phra Khru Palad Suwatthanaphromviharkun, commonly known as Phra Ajarn Ohm, the abbot of Wat Song Sawei.

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