Unruly schoolboy allegedly bullies teacher into quitting job (video)

Photo via Facebook/ ไพฑูรย์ อินทศิลา

An ill-mannered eight year old schoolboy allegedly bullied his female teacher into quitting her position at a school in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

The Nakhon Si Thammarat Journalists V.3 Facebook page shared a video of the teacher, identified only as Gift, yesterday, July 4, with a caption that read…

“The video shows a student physically assaulting his teacher. The teacher sought justice as this student put pressure on her, destroyed a chair in the classroom, threw multiple objects at her, insulted her with vulgarities, and ignored her orders.”

In the video, the unruly schoolboy in a yellow shirt, later identified as Phet, is seen pushing a plastic chair at the teacher, raising his middle fingers at her, trying to grab her mobile phone, pulling her shirt, and throwing a broomstick and papers at her.

The teacher’s friend, Berm, told Channel 8 that his friend, Gift, had already resigned from her position despite not having a new job to go to. Gift had been teaching at the school for a year but the issue began six months ago.

The impudent child, Phet, bullied Gift in multiple ways both mentally and physically. The little rascal once sneaked a condom into Gift’s bag. Gift told Berm everything, but he could not contact her now after she resigned from the school.

Phet and his family refused to be held accountable, telling Channel 8 that the boy had already apologised to the teacher. The family added they did not know why the videos were shared on social media when the issue was supposedly settled.

Phet claimed that he behaved as shown in the video because the teacher was rude both to him and to other classmates. Phet said the teacher used vulgarities while teaching and insulted students’ parents.

Channel 3 reported that a Facebook user, claiming to be Gift, commented under the video shared by the news Facebook page and asked the page to delete the video.

Each news agency was also unable to contact Gift, so no story from her side was reported.

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