Patong fruit shop owner shoots wife in rage over affair

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A fruit shop owner in Patong, Phuket, shot his wife in a fit of rage after discovering her affair with a newly hired employee. The incident occurred when the man fired his gun at the ceiling, but the bullet ricocheted and injured his wife.

Police Lieutenant of Patong Police Station Phacharathon Chan-iad. received a radio report today about a shooting incident. The report indicated that a woman had been injured by a gunshot and was being treated at Patong Hospital. The authorities promptly informed Police Colonel Chalermchai Hirsawat of the Patong Police Station and proceeded to the hospital for further investigation.

At Patong Hospital, the suspect admitted to using a 9mm Browning firearm to shoot his wife. The fruit shop owner explained that he acted out of anger after discovering his wife’s intimate relationship with a worker who had been employed at his fruit shop for only two to three days. The affair took place in the workers’ quarters of the fruit shop located in Patong Subdistrict, Kathu District, Phuket.

The shop owner claimed that he fired two shots at the ceiling in a moment of fury. Unfortunately, one of the bullets ricocheted and struck his wife in the left arm. Following the incident, the worker involved in the affair fled the scene. The owner then rushed his injured wife to Patong Hospital for medical treatment.

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“I was consumed by anger when I found out about the affair.”

The authorities subsequently detained the shop owner along with the firearm used in the incident, reported KhaoSod.

They transported him to Patong Police Station for further questioning and to examine the weapon. Legal proceedings will follow based on the investigation’s findings.

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