Thai monk files police complaint over leaflets alleging affair

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A prominent Thai monk filed a police complaint after anonymous individuals scattered leaflets accusing him of attempting to have an affair with a married woman. This incident has tarnished the reputation of the well-known temple in Uthai Thani province.

Today, a reporter visited the temple in Taluk Du subdistrict, Thap Than district, Uthai Thani, where the controversy unfolded.

Somchai, 52 years old, explained that a married couple had distributed leaflets around the temple on March 25. The leaflets contained evidence that the monk had engaged in inappropriate chats with a married woman in March.

Somchai states that the couple also posted these allegations on various public social media pages, damaging the temple’s reputation. He further reveals that the couple had previously come to the temple to discuss the matter with the abbot and the temple committee.

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The couple requested the abbot to defrock the monk but the abbot refused, stating that the monk had not committed a serious offence. The abbot had only reprimanded the monk for inappropriate communication with the woman but considered the issue as being resolved.

Despite the abbot’s claim to have reprimanded the monk, the couple continued to spread the allegations publicly, sharing inappropriate chat screenshots on social media and distributing more leaflets at the market and other temples, explicitly naming the temple involved.

This ongoing issue has severely affected the temple’s reputation, especially since it is a revered place among the local community.

The Thai monk in question is 28 years old and ordained for eight years. He admitted his mistake, revealing that he had known the woman, named Cream, since early this year when she contacted him on Facebook.

They had been chatting regularly and jokingly, never expecting Cream to capture and publicise their conversations.

The abbot emphasised the impact of the ongoing scandal, which has caused significant embarrassment and damage to his reputation and that of the temple, mentioning that the monk in question has since been too ashamed to participate in alms collections within the village.

He consulted with the temple committee and decided to file a complaint against the woman’s husband, who is believed to be responsible for the continued dissemination of the information.

Local authorities at Taluk Du Police Station have received the complaint and are in the process of examining the documents and pursuing legal action against those involved.

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