Siam Paragon Mall shooting survivor recounts chilling encounter

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Survivors of the tragic Siam Paragon Mall shooting incident where two women were killed and five others were injured shared their harrowing experiences.

One survivor, Natthaphat (surname withheld), recounted the terrifying moments she witnessed people dying in front of her, including being unable to assist a Chinese woman.

She confessed to having a sleepless night following the traumatic events of yesterday.

Natthaphat was at the mall for a restaurant review. Post the review, she was about to visit a store near the M-floor restroom when she changed her mind and decided to visit the restroom first, accompanied by her boyfriend.

The restroom was crowded, and her boyfriend happened to be standing in line behind the 14 year old gunman, wearing a brown hoodie.

Suddenly, a loud bang was heard, which everyone initially assumed to be a hand dryer explosion. However, when two more bangs were heard, and men began to flee the men’s restroom, Natthaphat realised the situation was more serious. A man sprinted past her, only to be shot and fall right before her eyes.

Women’s restroom

In a state of panic, Natthaphat ran to the women’s restroom for cover, where she frantically called her boyfriend who was still hiding in the men’s restroom. Eventually, they both ended up hiding in the women’s restroom, along with two other individuals.

She recounted the heart-wrenching experience of listening to the last breaths of a Chinese woman who had been shot and her helplessness at not being able to assist her. She also mentioned the terror of waiting in a confined, hot space, not knowing if she would make it out alive, or if she was seeing her boyfriend for the last time.

Her boyfriend later shared his experience of seeing the teenage gunman change his clothes in the restroom and the realisation that he had left a bag full of ammunition in there, suggesting he was likely to return. This prompted her boyfriend to flee the restroom.

Reflecting on the Siam Paragon Mall shooting, Natthaphat suggested tighter security measures at malls, including thorough bag checks.

She pointed out the delays in the warning system at the time of the incident, saying that ten minutes after the shooting had started, the mall was still operating as usual without any warning announcements. It was only much later that the siren was heard, reported KhaoSod.

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