Viral video in Vietnam: Father’s tearful farewell to daughter at wedding tugs at heartstrings

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

A heartrending video has gone viral in Vietnam’s online world, showing a father crying in the corner after giving his daughter away at her wedding. The video was shared on the docnhanh website, bringing tears to the eyes of many viewers.

The video depicts a crowded wedding ceremony. The father of the bride is seen sitting quietly in a corner, his face showing deep sadness. As he wipes away his tears from time to time, the depth of his love for his daughter becomes apparent.

Once the video was made public, netizens flooded the comments section with their thoughts and shared their own experiences with their fathers, reported docnhanh.

“My father was the same. I didn’t see him cry, but I heard from others that he wept profusely, regretful that his daughter was getting married and would be moving far away.”

“At my wedding, my father was happy and teased me a lot. But at night, my brother sent me a clip of our father looking at the door, asking if I had reached home yet. I was heartbroken. In this world, he is the only man who considers me a treasure.”

“My father passed away two months ago. He said he would speak at my wedding. But now, I can’t have that moment.”

“My father told me he was happy that I got married. So why did he cry?”

In August, a heart-wrenching reception unfolded when a tattered man took to the stage at a wedding in China, only to surprise the assembly when it was revealed that he was the bride’s father. He hadn’t been invited to the wedding and only learned about the event from others. To read more about the story click HERE

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