Over 50% of Bangkok residents give Chadchart a thumbs up

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Bangkok’s bustling streets are abuzz with approval for Governor Chadchart Sittipunt’s performance, as a recent NIDA Poll reveals. After two years at the helm of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Chadchart has garnered widespread satisfaction among residents.

In an extensive survey conducted by the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), 2,000 Bangkok residents aged 18 and over shared their views through telephone interviews. The poll, conducted between May 16 and 27, delved into 17 critical areas of urban life, including the cost of living, traffic, homelessness, corruption, tourism, education, healthcare, public transport, and flood management.

Overall performance:

A solid 50.25% of respondents expressed satisfaction with the BMA’s performance, while 18.45% were very satisfied. However, 20.35% were not satisfied, and 10.60% were very unsatisfied.


On the tourism front, 43.05% were satisfied, with an additional 20.15% being very satisfied. Conversely, 21.30% were not satisfied, and 8.20% were very unsatisfied.

Green areas and parks:

Satisfaction with the increase in green spaces stood at 45.75%, with 19.60% very satisfied. Yet, 21.65% were not satisfied, and 10.30% were very unsatisfied.

Pavement use:

For improvements in pavement use, 46.60% were satisfied, 19.35% very satisfied, while 21.30% were not satisfied, and 11.60% were very unsatisfied.

Sports promotion:

A total of 44.30% were satisfied with sports promotion efforts, with 17.50% very satisfied. On the flip side, 25.40% were not satisfied, and 12.15% were very unsatisfied.

Cleanliness and pollution:

Cleanliness and pollution control saw 44.30% satisfaction, with 17.15% very satisfied. Meanwhile, 25.40% were not satisfied, and 12.25% were very unsatisfied.

Public services:

Regarding city officials’ public service provision, 43.15% were satisfied, 16.90% very satisfied, whereas 22.10% were not satisfied, and 12.40% were very unsatisfied.

Flood management:

In terms of flood management, 37% were satisfied, 13.95% very satisfied, with 29.05% not satisfied, and 16% very unsatisfied.

Public transport:

Public transport development satisfaction was at 41.10%, with 13.35% very satisfied, 29.35% not satisfied, and 8.80% very unsatisfied.


Finally, healthcare satisfaction stood at 41.25%, with 12.65% very satisfied. However, 28.65% were not satisfied, and 11% very unsatisfied, reported Thai PBS World.

With a margin of error of +/-3%, this poll offers a robust snapshot of public opinion, revealing a city largely supportive of its administration’s efforts under Governor Chadchart’s leadership.

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