Bangkok’s flood battle plan: Governor teams up with TMD

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To combat flash floods during the looming rainy season, Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD).

This dynamic duo aims to revolutionise the city’s response to heavy rains and floods, promising faster and more efficient interventions.

After a high-stakes meeting with Kornrawee Sitthichivapak, Director-General of the Meteorological Department of Thailand, and top officials from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Governor Chadchart revealed their strategic action plan.

“The close cooperation will enable the BMA to respond swiftly to heavy rains and flash floods thanks to more accurate weather forecasts.”

The collaboration will focus on three critical areas:

1. Sharing Weather Data:
Both agencies will exchange forecast data to enhance the precision of weather models. This initiative aims to provide early warnings about which districts are likely to be hit hardest by heavy rains, allowing for targeted and timely responses.

2. Improved Communication:
Efforts will be made to convey weather warnings to Bangkok’s residents in clearer and more comprehensible language, ensuring that everyone stays informed and prepared.

3. Monitoring Environmental Factors:
The cooperation will also extend to monitoring heat accumulation in the capital, which could impact PM2.5 ultrafine pollutants. This environmental surveillance is crucial for maintaining air quality and public health.

Kornrawee Sitthichivapak expressed her confidence in the project, noting that Bangkok will serve as the pilot city for this enhanced weather forecasting collaboration.

“The BMA’s data from its radar systems will be instrumental in refining our forecast models.”

Governor Chadchart also emphasised the cost-effectiveness of the alliance, noting that the meteorological department’s state-of-the-art equipment negates the need for additional investment by the BMA, reported The Nation.

Instead, the BMA will bolster the department with rain-monitoring radar data, while benefiting from satellite data shared by the meteorological team.

In related news, residents in 26 provinces have been alerted to the risk of flash floods starting May 18 until May 25 as heavy rainfall is anticipated across various regions, prompting the BMA to intensify efforts to clear the city’s drainage system and install water pumps.

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