Over 46,000 meth pills seized in Khon Kaen drug crackdown

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Police in Khon Kaen seized over 46,000 methamphetamine pills and assets worth more than 20 million baht in a month-long crackdown.

Efforts to treat drug users revealed the youngest addict was only 12 years old, prompting an urgent call to address the root causes.

Khon Kaen Provincial Governor Kraisorn Kongchalad, Anuwat Suwannaphum, Provincial Police Chief, representatives from the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) and the Khon Kaen Public Health Office held a press conference today to announce the results of the intense anti-narcotics operations conducted throughout the province.

The operations targeted 26 districts and 139 specific locations, spanning 30 villages, resulting in 154 arrests. Confiscated items included 9,250 meth pills, 0.5 gramme of crystal meth, 11 firearms, 83 rounds of ammunition, and assets worth 1,183,670 baht.

Governor Kraisorn highlighted the comprehensive efforts that have been in place since June 1 to combat drug issues across all districts in the province. Police conducted searches in 626 locations within 90 villages, leading to the arrest of 369 drug users, 410 dealers, and four individuals involved in other related crimes.

In total, 46,922 meth pills, 909.56 grammes of crystal meth, 2.35 grammes of ketamine, 52 firearms, and 254 rounds of ammunition were seized. Assets valued at 20,631,070 baht were confiscated.

Crackdown efforts

“The intense operations have been successful in not only apprehending offenders but also in encouraging drug users to seek rehabilitation. A total of 287 people have voluntarily entered rehab programmes across 26 districts.”

During a visit to the social rehabilitation centre in Nam Phong District, it was discovered that the youngest individual undergoing treatment was only 12 years old. Community leaders had brought the child for treatment after identifying him as a drug user.

The centre ensures continuous supervision and medical check-ups for all patients. One notable case involves a father who, after years of absence, was able to return home safely and with peace of mind, knowing his child was receiving proper care.

“All rehab centres accept patients voluntarily. They can stay for as long as needed, and once they are found to be drug-free, they are allowed to return home. Follow-up checks are conducted randomly within three months to ensure they remain clean. If drugs are detected, they are readmitted for further treatment.”

Khon Kaen aims to become a drug-free province, with continuous efforts to eliminate drug trafficking and abuse. While the province ranks first in drug crackdowns, followed by Roi Et, most arrested dealers are minor players, selling hundreds or thousands of pills. The authorities remain committed to ongoing operations to ensure Khon Kaen becomes a completely drug-free zone.

During a visit to Ban Haet District’s rehabilitation centre, it was discovered that some patients were in critical condition due to meth use. Medical examinations revealed severe health risks, with some patients suffering from brain damage. The cheap price of meth pills, which often contain toxic substances like insecticides, arsenic, and urea fertiliser, poses significant health hazards, reported KhaoSod.

“Producers are cutting costs and increasing profits by incorporating dangerous chemicals into the drugs. Investigations revealed that the seized meth pills were purchased from neighbouring countries and online sources. We have coordinated with the ONCB to investigate and dismantle these drug networks according to the law.”

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