Korat village under water: Residents left high and dry without aid

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Flooding has plagued a village in Korat for over five days, leaving residents without assistance. Some have been forced to rent temporary accommodation due to the severe conditions.

A local, Teerapat Nuwongsri, shared photos of villagers wading through water and homes submerged in water. His post highlighted the ongoing struggle, noting that while his house remains submerged, other areas had dried up, receiving no assistance from local governments.

As of yesterday, June 26, reporters confirmed that the water levels in Sawan Prik Thai community, Mueang district, Nakhon Ratchasima, have begun to recede. However, certain areas remain submerged, with water levels inside homes ranging from 30 to 50 centimetres.

In lower-lying areas, water levels have reached 60 to 80 centimetres, significantly disrupting daily life for over ten households. Residents face challenges in commuting, cooking, and accessing bathrooms. Some families, particularly those in the most affected lower areas, have temporarily relocated to rented rooms to escape the flooding.

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Villagers have resorted to self-help methods, using sandbags to block water and continuously pumping water out of their homes.

The flooding is attributed to continuous rainfall over the past five days and an unfinished drainage pipe construction project which began in 2020. The incomplete project has hindered proper water drainage, causing rainwater to overflow and flood residential areas.

This issue has persisted for four years since the project’s inception. One resident, 58 year old Suthep Nomai echoed the community’s frustration.

“The flooding has been here for five days, affecting many households. Some couldn’t bear it and moved to rented rooms. My house also suffered, with water levels nearly 50 centimetres high, forcing me to use a pump constantly, increasing my electricity bills.”

Although the water has receded slightly, allowing bathroom access, he still monitors the pump due to ongoing rain. The flooding has also impacted his livelihood as a scrap collector, with no dry space to store collected items.

The community’s plea for assistance remains unanswered, highlighting the urgent need for intervention to alleviate their suffering and ensure a long-term solution to prevent recurring floods during periods of heavy rainfall in Korat, reported KhaoSod.

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