Online debate erupts after woman recounts unsettling experience with app-ordered taxi

Picture courtesy of sxlisx_19, TikTok.

In an incident that sparked an online debate, a young Thai woman reported a harrowing experience involving a taxi service ordered via a mobile application. Throughout the journey, the driver allegedly behaved inappropriately, including asking to visit her home, requesting contact information, and proposing an outing together. Following the incident, which took place yesterday, the woman shared a video recounting her experience on TikTok.

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The video stirred an array of public reactions, with numerous comments suggesting ways to handle the situation, should it ever occur again. However, several commenters were quick to criticise the woman’s laughter during her refusal, suggesting it may have encouraged the driver to continue his inappropriate behaviour, assuming she was tolerating it.

Responding to these suggestions, the woman clarified that her decision to laugh and respond to the relentless harassment was out of fear. She added that since it was not a traditional taxi she had boarded, but a service requested through an app, she felt even more trapped, reported KhaoSod.

To those urging her to be more assertive or harsh in such situations, she stated her genuine fear of retaliatory action if she were to upset the driver, as she was alone at the time. She admitted she was so afraid that her entire body was shaking, explaining that anyone who had not been in such a position might not understand her reaction.

“I have the option to be fierce, but the reality was, I didn’t have the courage. I was terrified that my rudeness could provoke him, leading to a worse scenario.”

Last year, A motorcycle taxi rider in Pattaya was arrested today after he allegedly sexually harassed his passenger, a Thai singer named Yanawut ‘Pearja’ Jarearnartiput. The taxi rider denied the allegation claiming he touched the woman in an attempt to keep her from falling off his motorcycle. To read more click HERE.

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