Pattaya motorcycle taxi rider arrested for sexually harassing Thai singer

A motorcycle taxi rider in Pattaya was arrested today after he allegedly sexually harassed his passenger, a Thai singer named Yanawut “Pearja” Jarearnartiput. The taxi rider denied the allegation claiming he touched the woman in an attempt to keep her from falling off his motorcycle.

Last Saturday, November 26, 31 year old singer Pearja posted videos of the incident on her Facebook account, revealing to netizens that she was sexually harassed while taking a motorcycle taxi in Pattaya.

Pearja said she had a show at a bar on Pattaya Walking Street and decided to hop on a motorcycle taxi because the fireworks festival caused traffic jams. While she was on the motorcycle, the rider placed one of his hands on her leg. He rubbed and squeezed her leg along the way.

At first, Pearja thought the rider was worried that her knee would bump into other cars because the road was crowded. However, she changed her mind after the rider started to move his bottom back and forth and moan.

Pearja added that the taxi rider took a dark and quiet route instead of the usual route taken by motorcycle taxis in the area.

Pearja tried to stop his action. She asked him to stop and hit his hand. The rider took his hand off for a minute but placed it back on her leg without any shame. She said she was frightened and did not know what she should do. She put up with the disgusting action until she arrived at her destination and later filed a complaint with the police.

The 35 year old motorcycle taxi rider, Sittisak (surname reserved), was arrested this morning, November 28. Sittisak was taking methamphetamine pills, commonly known as Yaba, when police arrested him at his house. He generally provides a service to passengers in front of Mike Shopping Mall.

Sittisak admitted that the motorcycle taxi featured in Pearja’s videos was him, but he refused to acknowledge the sexually harassing accusation. He said he held Pearja because he was worried that the woman would fall from his bike.

Sittisak was in police custody, awaiting further questioning because he was high on meth and couldn’t provide any useful information.

Initially, Sittisak faces three charges:

  • Section 278 of the Criminal Law: threatening or doing any act of violence against a person over 15 years old when that person is in a state incapable of resisting. The penalty will be imprisonment for up to 10 years, a fine of up to 200,000 baht, or both.
  • Sections 97 and 91 of the Narcotics Act: using Narcotics Category 1 drugs. The penalty will be imprisonment from six months to three years, a fine from 10,000 to 60,000 baht, or both.
  • Section 43 of the Land Transport Act: using Narcotics Category 1 drugs while driving. The penalty will be one in three higher than those suggested in Sections 97 and 91 of the Narcotics Act.

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