Nutritionists tout pork tail and crescent moon bone as superfoods

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Two underappreciated cuts of pork, the tail and the crescent moon bone, are hailed for their nutritional value, equating to beneficial foods like ginseng and bird’s nest, yet remain largely ignored by consumers.

Nutrition experts advocate for the inclusion of these pork parts in diets, emphasising their rich composition of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that rival the aforementioned health foods.

Pork tail, as per Eastern medicine, is sweet with a hint of saltiness and is considered to possess cooling properties. It is believed to offer numerous health benefits including energy and vitality enhancement, joint and bone problems relief, and skin nourishment. The moisture retention and wrinkle prevention capabilities of pork tail are so well-regarded that they feature in various skincare products.

Nguyen Dac Danh, a Vietnamese nutrition expert, highlights the impressive nutritional profile of pork tail, which includes 17.7 grammes of protein, 33.5 grammes of fat, and a wealth of vitamins and minerals per 100 grammes, with no carbohydrates.

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Notably, pork tail boasts a considerable zinc content, providing about 15% of the daily recommended intake. Zinc plays an essential role in the body, being a trace element crucial for hormone production and immune system function. It is particularly important for male reproductive health, impacting sperm quality and mobility, and any deficiency can lead to fertility issues.

Pork tail also contains a significant amount of collagen and elastin, which contribute to skin elasticity and moisture retention, protecting the skin from environmental damage. Additionally, it is a source of calcium, phosphorus, iron, and magnesium, which are vital for maintaining healthy bones and preventing conditions such as osteoporosis and anemia.

Crescent moon bone

The crescent moon bone, which is part of the soft bone in the front leg of the pig, shaped like a crescent or a sickle, is not only delicious when used to make a rich broth but is also nutritionally valuable.

Rich in collagen, protein, and vitamins, regular consumption can support bone growth, protect against osteoporosis, and boost the immune system. This pork part is particularly calcium-rich, making it suitable for children’s growth, the elderly with osteoporosis, and pregnant women requiring calcium supplementation.

Furthermore, the crescent moon bone is abundant in water-soluble nitrogenous extracts and various proteins that provide concentrated, high-quality nutrients essential for the body’s primary functions, reported Sanook.

However, health professionals caution against consuming the dirtiest parts of the pig, stressing the importance of avoiding certain components for health and safety reasons.

Meanwhile, American doctors recommend three types of beverages that are beneficial for the liver and digestive system, all of which are readily available in Thailand.

The undervalued pork tail and crescent moon bone, providing a treasure trove of nutrients, remain culinary secrets that can offer families a wealth of health benefits when properly incorporated into the diet.

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