Thai nurse harassed by patient: ex-politician behind the threat

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A Thai nurse faced verbal threats and ridicule from a patient, sharing her concerns about the lack of support from her superiors on social media. However, a Nursing Council member recommended reporting the incident to authorities and reassessing her work environment.

In a viral post, the nurse shared her frustration about receiving verbal abuse from a male patient. She expressed concern about her profession’s lack of protection for healthcare workers, which led to many resigning from their positions. The nurse mentioned that she had endured previous incidents, but this time felt unbearable.

Responding to friends’ supportive comments, she said that leaving the job is her first choice as she cannot fight against power and money. The patient in question is reportedly a former candidate for the House of Representatives, adding to the Thai nurse’s stress.

The nurse shared her discontent with her superiors, who seem to value patient acquisition more than her dignity. In the past, her supervisors asked her to tolerate the abuse and promised that it would pass, a response she found unacceptable.

The post caught the attention of Sarawut Kattawung, a member of the Nursing Council, who shared the story along with some advice. He suggested that if confronted with such situations while adhering to professional standards, she should record the incidents and file a police complaint instead of accepting apologies. Sarawut also urged the nurse to reconsider her work environment if her superiors consistently required her to tolerate unjust circumstances.

Sarawut emphasized the importance of receiving fair treatment and assured that the Nursing Council would support the nurse if she followed professional guidelines and chose to report the situation.

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