Neighbour’s pit bull goes on rampage, seriously injures woman

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

In a chilling incident captured on CCTV in Chiang Mai’s Sansai district, a ferocious male pit bull, approximately 10 years old, launched a horrifying assault on a 30 year old woman, leaving her arm perilously close to being severed.

The footage reveals the pit bull viciously attacking the woman, only halted by the intervention of her boyfriend and the dog’s owner. The struggle to separate them endured for over two agonising minutes, leaving behind a pool of blood.

Following the harrowing attack, the owner of the pit bull took immediate action, confining the dog in a cage. Fortunately, another individual volunteered to take on the responsibility of caring for the volatile animal on the very same night.

The owner of the pit bull, 67 year old Lamduan Bunrit explained that her son had brought the dog into their home several years prior. With her son’s recent passing, Lamduan found herself solely responsible for the care of the dog. Despite seeking a new home for the animal, the transition was tragically thwarted by the violent outburst.

The victim and her boyfriend, both neighbours of Lamduan, had innocently visited for a friendly chat moments before the shocking attack. The pit bull, typically tethered to a post about 2 metres away, suddenly lunged, sinking its teeth into the woman’s flesh.

Alarmingly, this wasn’t the first incident involving the dog; the woman’s boyfriend revealed his traumatic encounter, having been bitten by the same pit bull three months earlier, requiring 18 stitches.

While speculation surrounds the stress induced by the dog’s regular chaining and confinement, Lamduan has remained unresponsive to requests to cover the victim’s medical expenses, prompting the victim to seek assistance from the village headman.

The new owner of the pit bull declined to comment, merely affirming their commitment to ensure the dog’s safety and responsible care, reported Pattaya Mail.

As pit bull-related attacks continue to plague Thailand, questions arise about the regulation of these breeds, with imports prohibited but domestic breeding and ownership still permitted under the law.

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