Murderer offers 100,000 baht to netizens to cut off his EM ankle bracelet

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A man found guilty of murder and tagged with an electronic monitoring (EM) ankle bracelet appealed on social media for someone to remove the EM tag and he would reward them with 100,000 baht in cash. He also alleges he bribed the police and his attorney.

The murderer’s Facebook post briefly circulated on Thai social media before he took it down. The post included a picture of his leg attached to the EM ankle bracelet and a caption that said…

“I will give you 100,000 baht if you can take it off. Take it off and grab the money.”

The post quickly drew the attention of Thai netizens. It got over 70 reactions and 73 comments in the hour that it was live. Many people questioned why the man would dare to ask people to take the bracelet off on a public platform.

One netizen asked him what he was charged with. The criminal replied that he was charged with murder but paid compensation to the victim’s family which made them drop the charges.

The lawbreaker also alleges that someone else took the blame and was made a scapegoat for the murder because he bribed the police and attorney. He was punished with a three-year probation charge and 60 hours of public service. He was freed from jail but an EM ankle bracelet was attached to monitor him.

The man deleted his post after it went viral but several news pages on Facebook managed to screenshot his post in time.

The Royal Thai Police and related departments have not yet responded to the issue.

Many netizens believe the murderer bribed the officers and another investigation into the case must be conducted. Others believe that the post was just created to gain public interest for fun.

An EM ankle bracelet is attached to the ankle of criminals who have been temporarily released from prisons or are under the monitor of the court. The bracelet sends the wearer’s location to the authorities every two minutes. Criminals are bound by law to take care of it and ensure the battery does not go flat.

Taking off or destroying an EM tag could lead to imprisonment of up to five years, a fine of up to 100,000 baht, or both according to Section 36 of Criminal Law.

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