Monitor lizards’ amorous display in hospital car park sparks lottery number frenzy

Photos taken from Bunthanya Wachirawongsarak's Facebook page.

A video clip of two large monitor lizards embracing each other in a hospital parking lot, before scurrying under a hospital bed, has been shared on Facebook by Bunthanya Wachirawongsarak. The clip was filmed while Bunthanya was waiting for her car insurance to be processed.

The sight of the lizards in a loving embrace seemed so unusual and cute that she decided to record it. However, the lizards got startled when they noticed her and quickly hid under a bed, causing it to shake.

The video was shot in the parking area near the Maeklong River.

Bunthanya, a professional nurse, later led journalists to the spot and also showed them a monitor lizard that was circling the area, though this time it was alone.

She recalls the incident, saying that as she was waiting for her car insurance to be processed, she suddenly saw these two enormous monitor lizards showing affection towards each other. She found it to be cute and decided to record the video.

When the lizards noticed her, they got scared and quickly hid under a bed. She tried to film them under the bed, but it was too dark to see anything. However, she could see the bed moving continuously.

After she posted the video, someone sent her the number plate of her car, 4895, to try her luck. She added that her friends would always win the lottery if they encountered a monitor lizard, either with numbers 45 or 54. This time, she bet on 245 because she saw two lizards.

Bunthanya noted that the area near the Maeklong River is rich in natural resources, leading to a large population of monitor lizards. While she admitted that the lizards might seem scary due to their size, she finds them to be beautiful creatures. She was particularly touched by the sight of them hugging each other, just like humans.

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