Police in hot water: 8 officers nabbed in online gambling network crackdown

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An investigation into an online gambling network has led to the issuance of arrest warrants for eight police officers suspected of managing gambling websites and profiting from them. The search, which took place today, spanned over 30 locations in six provinces nationwide.

The operation aimed to dismantle the extensive online gambling network connected to Betflixroyal.com and additional online gambling websites. This operation stemmed from the arrest of three suspects back in July, which subsequently led to the identification of 23 more individuals involved in the online gambling operations. Among the 23, eight were police officers.

Tri Rong Phiwphan, the Commanding General of the Legal and Litigation Office, stated that the operational structure of the syndicate was divided into four categories of offences: 1. Online gambling website management, 2. Account sourcing, 3. Financial and account management, and 4. Benefiting from the aforementioned ‘account sourcing.’

Evidence collected during the investigation indicated that certain police officers played significant roles in managing the gambling websites, whilst others benefited from the operations. Some individuals were involved in multiple aspects of the operation.

It was also discovered that these crimes had been occurring for over two months. The exact amount of financial transactions linked to the police is yet to be disclosed; however, it was confirmed that the ranks of the involved officers ranged from Police Lance Corporal to Police Major General.

The recent search operation was conducted with the intent to apprehend individuals from previously issued arrest warrants. It was discovered that these individuals resided in the searched premises.

The identity of the residents was initially unknown as the registered house owner was a civilian. The operation was not a deliberate attack on a senior police officer, who also happened to reside in the same premise, reported KhaoSod.

Currently, 15 people have been arrested, including at least one police officer, and further suspects will gradually be brought in for questioning at the police headquarters.

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