Massive 200 year old Mother Takian tree resurfaces from Chao Phraya River to astonishment of locals

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A centuries-old fallen tree trunk, known as “Mother Takian,” last night resurfaced from the depths of the Chao Phraya River. An astonishing sight unravelled as the gigantic timber, reportedly 27.60 metres long and just over 3 metres wide, requiring the strength of three adults to embrace, was unearthed and relocated to Wat Intharam, commonly known as Wat Taluk.

Hundreds of locals in Suphan Buri province were drawn to the spectacle of lifting and transporting the 200 year old Mother Takian tree, replete with rituals and blessings. The event, which lasted for over four hours, began on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and ended at the serene grounds of Wat Intharam; it involved a series of detailed arrangements including the use of four backhoes to load the colossal lumber onto a trailer for its journey.

Locally referred to as “Goddess Takian Kaew,” the tree received a ceremonial send-off from the community leaders and locals, punctuated by Buddhist rites that involved monks from Wat Intharam and even performances during the ceremony. An unusual incident that highlighted the evening was the occurrence of an exotic solar halo at the moment the heavy trunk was lifted onto the trailer, causing fervour amongst the villagers.

Resident Praphrai Badeethanawat disclosed that the enormous Mother Takian initially had been discovered by a quicksand boat. Despite an earlier post about the find online, it had gained little attention until this year when the 58 year old claimed to have been visited in a dream by the spirit of Mother Takian, requesting to be saved from her watery sojourn and taken to the temple. Following the dream, the monks of Wat Intharam were consulted and the endeavour to rescue the drowned tree took shape, reported Sanook.

The operation posed numerous challenges. A thick twine intended to hoist the tree from the river bottom had snapped no less than twice, adding to the woes. But swift intervention by monks from Wat Intharam and prayers to the spirit residing in the tree seemingly resolved the issues, and the Mother Takian tree was eventually successfully retrieved.

Praphrai reckoned that never before had he come across a tree trunk of such enormity and in perfect state. Having scoured news from different places, he found no match for this. Upon its successful retrieval, the Takian tree was transported to Wat Intharam, a locale filled with historical and cultural significance, where villagers can now pay their respects.

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