Bus driver in Ayutthaya’s shocking death prompts investigation

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An unfortunate event occurred at a factory bus car park in Ayutthaya, Thailand when a 57 year old bus driver was found dead in his vehicle on the eve of Mother’s Day. It was an unusual death scene as he was found seated at the back of the bus. Local authorities are currently investigating this case for more concrete details.

According to the officials, the incident occurred on August 12, at 7.30pm in a large industrial car park in Uthai district, Ayutthaya. The car park is filled with various parked buses.

Another bus driver, 35 year old Wut Pumphuwong noticed 57 year old Somnuek Pimthara was missing at the time he usually leaves to pick up employees. Upon investigating, he discovered Somnuek dead in his parked bus. After happening upon the morbid surprise, Wut immediately contacted the police.

“We all park our company buses here in the industrial area and wait for the workers. I saw cleaning equipment next to his bus and decided to check on him when I realised that he was overdue for his pickup.”

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Crime scene investigators noted that the deceased was found slumped in one of the rear seats of the bus. He continued that there were no apparent signs of a struggle inside the bus or on Somnuek’s body. His right hand was holding a cloth used to clean the buses.

It was revealed that besides driving the bus, Somnuek occasionally took cleaning jobs to wipe down other buses in the area. His colleagues were not aware of any health problems that he might have had.

The local law enforcement has moved Somnuek’s body to the Forensic Science Institute in Pathum Thani for a thorough autopsy to determine the cause of death. The examination results are expected to provide more information regarding his untimely passing.

While no exact cause of death for the bus driver has been confirmed, the issue of workplace exhaustion was thrust into the spotlight in February. A Thai News Network worker died at his desk from overwork. He died on a weekend and nobody noticed until the next day.

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