Man’s ear nearly cut off during Songkran celebration in Chon Buri

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A man’s ear was nearly cut off during a violent altercation that took place yesterday evening in Chon Buri province, resulting in an emergency response from local rescuers. The incident, which occurred during the Songkran festivities, reportedly began over a disagreement about the man’s singing abilities.

At approximately 7pm, yesterday April 16, the emergency services of Thammarat Manee Rat Rescue were alerted to an assault near the entrance to the worship of the Buddha Sihing event, an annual celebration in Chon Buri province’s Bang Pla Soi subdistrict, Mueang district. Upon arrival, rescuers found a man with his ear almost completely cut off.

The initial medical response involved performing first aid to stem the bleeding, but the victim declined to be transported to the hospital.

The injured man recounted that he had been singing karaoke at a mookata restaurant in the Don Hua Lo subdistrict of Mueang. His performance did not sit well with some of the patrons, leading to a verbal confrontation with a group of young individuals.

The situation escalated when one of them attacked him with a knife, cutting his ear. In a desperate attempt to escape, he ran and managed to get on the back of a pickup truck filled with people celebrating Songkran, Thailand’s traditional New Year water festival.

The truck eventually stopped near the annual provincial event where a good Samaritan noticed the man’s condition and contacted the rescue team, reported Sanook.

The shocking event has raised concerns about the safety of public celebrations, especially during the high-spirited Songkran festival known for its jovial water fights. It serves as a stark reminder that festivities can quickly turn dangerous if disputes are not resolved peacefully.

The local authorities are now investigating the incident to identify and apprehend the individual responsible for the attack. The assault casts a shadow on the Songkran celebrations, which are typically marked by a spirit of goodwill and friendly water splashing, in stark contrast to the violence that unfolded.

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