Search underway for man after fall from Bangkok bridge

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A man remains unaccounted for after plunging from the Krung Thon Bridge into the Chao Phraya River, sparking an urgent search operation. At 1.22pm today, April 17, authorities were alerted to the incident, prompting rescue teams to rush to the site.

The calm flow of the Chao Phraya River was disrupted yesterday when a man leapt from the Krung Thon Bridge in the Bang Phlat area of Bangkok. The incident, which occurred in broad daylight, triggered an immediate response from specialised operations and aquatic rescue teams, who are currently scouring the river. Despite their efforts, the man’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The distress call was received by the Rama199 Radio Center, which coordinates emergency responses. The alert came in at 1.22pm, and within minutes, rescue personnel were dispatched to the bridge. The situation intensified rapidly, as the Rama199 Radio Center provided an update at 1.27pm confirming the individual was male and that the search was actively underway.

Rescue teams faced a race against time as the river’s currents could carry the individual far from the initial jump site. Divers and boats were deployed, with the team meticulously combing through the waters. The urgency of these operations cannot be overstated, as every second is crucial in increasing the chances of locating the individual safely.

The Krung Thon Bridge, also known as the Sang Hi Bridge, is a well-known crossing that spans the Chao Phraya River, linking the districts of Bang Phlat and Dusit. It is a busy thoroughfare in the city, and incidents like this are relatively rare. The bridge’s height and the river’s depth present significant challenges for rescue operations, making the search efforts both dangerous and complex.

The Thai authorities have yet to release details about the identity of the man or the circumstances leading up to his leap from the bridge. The incident has not only mobilised rescue teams but also drawn the attention of bystanders and the local community, who await anxiously for any news regarding the man’s safety.

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