Man’s costly error sees pick-up truck and jet ski plunge into Mae Klong River

PHOTO: Youtube/เรื่องเล่าเช้านี้

A 41 year old man experienced a costly mistake when he parked his pick-up truck without properly engaging the handbrake, causing the vehicle and a jet ski worth nearly a million baht to plunge into the Mae Klong River. The accident occurred as he was unloading the watercraft near Wat Bang Phrom in Samut Songkhram province. Onlookers eagerly lent their support as officials managed to recover both the pick-up and the jet ski after two hours.

As the pick-up truck and attached jet ski sank beneath the pier, officials had to work for over two hours before they could retrieve both items from the riverbed. The vehicle’s owner, 41 year old Sayan Ratchana from Ratchaburi, explained that he had come with the jet ski to enjoy a day on the Mae Klong River. He accidentally neglected to fully engage the handbrake while unloading the watercraft, causing the incident to unfold. Ratchana attempted to climb back onto the truck to hit the brake but was injured on his left knee and unsuccessful in his attempt.

Luckily, during the commotion, one jet ski was detached from the trailer and floated nearby, while the pick-up truck and the other jet ski slowly slid into the water. After this unfortunate event, Ratchana emphasised the importance of never forgetting to engage the handbrake whenever getting out of a vehicle to prevent any further accidents or damage.

In related news, a truck ended up in the ocean because the pickup truck owner did not apply the hand brake after parking it on the ferry at Koh Yao, and the boat crew forgot to secure it with deck blocks. To read more click HERE.

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