Notorious cat burglar arrested in Thailand after six-year spree across provinces

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Police arrest notorious cat burglar responsible for multiple break-ins since 2017 in various areas such as Lampang and Bangkok, with most incidents occurring in Chon Buri. The suspect, 32 years old, named as Bunyawat or In (surname withheld), was apprehended today while attempting to sell stolen goods at a shopping mall in Lat Phrao.

Bunyawat, the cat burglar, was arrested at a shopping centre in Lat Phrao with stolen Buddhist amulets taken from a house in Sattahip district. The suspect had a history of theft dating back to 2017, including break-ins in Nonthaburi and Bangkok. Chon Buri was the location of most of his criminal activities, with a total of 10 cases recorded.

Investigators discovered that In had been arrested previously on April 5 for theft in the province of Lampang, but that he had been released on bail prior to committing another burglary in the city of Sattahip and then going into hiding after the incident.

In’s method of operation consisted of breaking into homes in the middle of the night when homeowners were not present in order to steal items of value. His capture puts an end to the string of audacious thefts he committed over a period of six years and across a number of provinces in Thailand.

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