Man swallows beer bottle cap during New Year’s Day celebration in Thailand

Photo courtesy of โรงพยาบาลนครพิงค์ (Facebook)

A man almost died when he inadvertently swallowed a beer bottle cap during the New Year’s Day celebrations, causing it to lodge in his oesophagus. He was promptly taken to Nakornping Hospital where doctors safely removed the cap. This incident occurred yesterday according to a post on the hospital’s Facebook page.

On New Year’s Day, the unnamed 40 year old man was dining and drinking beer to celebrate the arrival of the year 2024. As a personal symbol, he placed a beer bottle cap in his glass. However, he accidentally swallowed the cap along with the beer. He immediately sought medical attention at Nakornping Hospital. Following an X-ray, the medical team discovered the beer bottle cap lodged in his oesophagus, posing a potential danger due to its sharp edges that could damage the oesophagus.

The medical team, including the specialist Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor Kullabut Kaewsiri, used an endoscope to safely extract the beer bottle cap.

In light of this incident, doctors advise the public to avoid putting foreign objects in food or drink containers. They also recommend being cautious when consuming foods that could potentially get stuck in the throat, such as fruit seeds, animal bones, or sticky foods. If the windpipe becomes blocked, it could potentially be life-threatening.

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In related news, a Spanish woman narrowly escaped choking to death after using an eight-inch toothbrush to dislodge a stuck chicken piece in her throat. In a desperate attempt, she inadvertently swallowed the toothbrush, leading to a surprising hospital visit where medical professionals successfully removed it using a lasso technique.

Meanwhile, a retired teacher faced a similar peril when his lower denture got stuck in his throat after a meal. The potentially life-threatening situation was resolved after discovering the denture’s absence and seeking medical assistance. Both incidents highlight the unexpected hazards associated with everyday items and meals.

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