Stranded fisherman accuses Pattaya maritime office of negligence

Pattaya was abuzz on New Year’s Eve when a Facebook user going by the name of Louis San aired his grievances about the Pattaya Maritime Disaster Prevention Office. His complaint centred around the office’s alleged lackadaisical attitude and the difficulty he faced in trying to reach them.

Louis and his group of friends had taken a trip to Koh Phai for fishing. However, the boat they were on suffered an engine failure amidst high waves, leaving them stranded and in need of assistance. Louis turned to the Pattaya Maritime Disaster Prevention Office, hoping they could provide the much-needed help.

He reportedly made five attempts to contact the Maritime office before finally receiving a response. However, instead of the expected assistance, the officials allegedly told Louis that they were beyond the jurisdiction of Pattaya. They provided him with a contact number for the Koh Lan Maritime Disaster Prevention Office and asked him to reach out to them instead.

Adding to their woes, the Koh Lan officials reportedly gave Louis the same Pattaya number he had previously dialled. Unbelievably, the second time around, another official reportedly told Louis that due to the holiday season – it is December 31- they were unable to withdraw the fuel costs required for the rescue mission. The official suggested they wait until the next day, despite the clear emergency at hand.

Hours passed, and ultimately, Louis and his friends had to rescue themselves, making it back to shore safely on their own. There was no assistance from any of the responsible agencies.

In his Facebook post, Louis highlighted the importance of prompt response in life-and-death situations. His story attracted hundreds of online complaints against the government officials, and many people claiming to be fishermen echoed his sentiment. They shared their experiences of having to handle emergencies independently in similar situations.

However, as reported by Pattaya News and other local media, these claims remain unverified, and the statements are solely those of the individuals involved. As of the time of reporting, government officials had yet to provide their side of the story. The public eagerly awaits their explanation, seeking answers for this alleged lack of responsibility.

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