Tragic discovery of mother and daughter’s death in East Thailand, 100,000 baht found

A shocking incident occurred in the Ban Chang district of Rayong province, where a 41 year old veterinarian and her 12 year old daughter were discovered dead in their home. Authorities from Ban Chang Police Station and local medical personnel were alerted to the situation at 10am today and were soon on their way to the residence.

The house, a private, closely fenced property, had a sign stating Bank Property, No Trespassing. Upon entering, authorities found the mother and daughter lying dead on a bed in the bedroom, with two dead birds in a cage nearby.

In addition to two cups with traces of poison, a jar of cyanide was found. There were no indications of a struggle or assault. A note on the table beside the bodies read, Burn immediately, no prayers, no ceremony, put in the same coffin. May this death bring universal freedom, with 100,000 baht in cash placed alongside.

Investigations revealed that the victims had been dead for no less than five hours. The bodies were taken to Ban Chang Hospital for autopsy. The identity of the deceased was confirmed as a mother-daughter pair, the mother being a veterinarian originally from Sukhothai province, and her daughter, aged 12.

A 52 year old man, Thaweesak, who worked with the deceased, informed the authorities that he became concerned when he did not see them leave for work at their usual time of 8am. He tried calling out to them but heard no response, prompting him to enter the house.

Thaweesak found no one in the main part of the house but noticed the bedroom door was open. Upon entering, he found the two bodies, and upon getting no response to his calls, he touched the bodies and realised they were lifeless. In shock, he fled the house and immediately contacted the police.

The veterinarian operated a clinic in a local market in Ban Chang. The initial assumption is that financial difficulties or family issues may have led the mother to kill herself and her daughter using cyanide. However, the police are conducting a detailed investigation to establish clear causes, with plans to interview relatives for further information, reported KhaoSod.

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