Man steals running Thailand Post truck, caught by police

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A 31 year old man was apprehended in Kanchanaburi after stealing a Thailand Post delivery truck that was left running by the driver. Yesterday, January 25, at approximately 12.30pm, the man, identified only by his first name, Wiroj, seized the opportunity to hijack the vehicle in Ratchaburi province.

The incident, captured on CCTV, occurred when the delivery driver stepped away from the idling truck to attend to a customer. The opportunistic thief, who had initially passed by on a bicycle, doubled back and drove off in the unattended truck.

Surveillance footage from the area of Ban Pong district showed Wiroj cycling past the parked delivery truck. Moments later, he returned on foot, noticing the driver had left the engine running. In a swift move, he opened the door and took control of the vehicle, leaving the driver, who spotted the theft too late, helpless.

The driver immediately reported the incident to the Ban Pong Police Station, prompting a coordinated effort among local law enforcement to locate the stolen vehicle.

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By around 4pm that day, Highway Police from Division 6, Unit 2 of the Highway Police Command (Kanchanaburi-Suphan Buri) spotted the truck in the Dan Makham Tia district of Kanchanaburi. They successfully intercepted the truck at the Yang Ko intersection in the district and took Wiroj into custody for questioning at the Dan Makham Tia Police Station, reported KhaoSod.

Upon interrogation, Wiroj, a Ratchaburi native, confessed to the crime. He admitted to having no clear destination in mind when he took off with the truck. His aimless drive eventually led him to a temple in Dan Makham Tia, where he stopped to inspect the goods inside the vehicle, hoping to sell items of value before he was caught.

In related news, a postal worker reported a lost parcel worth 200,000 baht in Thailand. The customer sought compensation for valuable items, sparking an investigation and potential legal proceedings.

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