Man in pickup truck in Tak claims children staring at him after crash (video)

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A man parked his pickup truck in the middle of a dark road in Tak Province, after having a breakdown. He refused to get out of the vehicle, covered his eyes covered and claimed children were staring at him, while handprints covered the back window.

A TikTok user with the account athena.hyk posted a video of the incident while driving to Tak Province. She encountered a man whose vehicle was damaged at the front, sparking her curiosity. Upon approaching, she found the man with his hands covering his eyes, repeatedly saying he did not want to see, mentioning children staring at him, both beside and behind his vehicle. The man appeared to be in extreme fear.

After calling emergency services, she tried to persuade the man to exit the vehicle. The air conditioning was off, and the windows were closed, making the interior unbearably hot, with the man drenched in sweat, raising concerns about suffocation. Despite initial resistance, the man eventually opened the window and allowed rescuers to help him to get out, though he kept his hands over his eyes the entire time.

The TikTok user recounted that she frequently travels this road to visit her mother. On this particular occasion, she noticed a 10-wheel truck swerving. Her partner wondered aloud what the truck was avoiding. When they reached the spot, they saw a stationary pickup truck with significant front damage and no other vehicles. Her partner did not notice anyone inside the pickup and drove past. However, she saw someone slumped over the steering wheel and insisted they return to help.

Unusual behaviour

Upon their return, they saw no other vehicles had stopped to assist. Her partner knocked on the window several times, and eventually, the driver looked up with his hands covering his eyes. The interior of the truck was fogged up, initially leading them to believe it was cold inside. However, when the window was opened, they discovered it was extremely hot, with the man nearly suffocating from the heat.

The driver was crying, claiming he had hit many children, insisting they were crowded at the back of the truck. The road he had driven through earlier had a shrine, which a rescuer mentioned was unusual to encounter such a case. Thankfully, the driver was unharmed, though he refused to leave the vehicle initially, terrified by the children he believed were staring at him. Tests later confirmed he was neither drunk nor under the influence of any substances.

The TikTok user’s partner checked the front of the vehicle and shone a light on the back window, revealing many handprints. The driver refused to uncover his eyes, repeatedly saying he did not want to see, reported Sanook.


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