Pickup truck accident in Tak province leaves one dead

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A tragic accident claimed the life of one sibling and left another critically injured when a pickup truck lost control and collided with their motorcycle. The incident occurred at 7.30am yesterday on the Mae Sot-Umphang Road in the Phop Phra district of Tak province.

Police and emergency responders arrived promptly at the scene following a report of the accident. They found a grey Toyota pickup truck overturned on the side of the road, with its 22 year old driver, Sinwat in a dazed state but uninjured.

Nearby, the wreckage of a white Honda motorcycle lay in ruins, nearly split in two from the impact. Tragically, the lifeless body of 24 year old Anyamanee was discovered next to the motorcycle, while her 18 year old sister Yosida was found barely breathing and in critical condition.

“It was a heartbreaking sight. The victims were just on their way to work.”

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The accident unfolded on a treacherous curve, made even more dangerous by the heavy rain that had been falling. The slick road conditions likely contributed to the driver of the pickup truck losing control.

Sinwat’s vehicle skidded across the wet road and collided head-on with the motorcycle that Anyamanee had been driving. The sisters, both employees of a local gold shop, were en route to their workplace, dressed in black uniforms and wearing helmets.

As the investigation continued, preliminary findings indicated that the heavy rainfall played a significant role in the accident. The sisters had nearly reached their destination, just 2 kilometres away, when the tragedy struck. Sinwat, driving at high speed despite the inclement weather, lost control of his vehicle, causing it to veer into the opposite lane and crash into the motorcycle.

Rescue teams from Phop Phra Hospital worked swiftly to provide immediate medical assistance to Yosida. She was rushed to the emergency room, where doctors are fighting to save her life. Her condition remains critical.

The police have taken Sinwat into custody for further questioning to determine the exact cause of the accident. Authorities are focusing on whether excessive speed and hazardous road conditions were the primary factors, reported KhaoSod.

“We hope this serves as a reminder for drivers to be extra cautious, especially during adverse weather conditions.”

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