Caught on camera: Thieving duo swoops on 20,000 baht windfall

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A CCTV camera caught two Thai men stealing 20,000 baht that the victim accidentally dropped on the road in the Nong Ree district of Chon Buri province.

A 75 year old man, Auad Sanitjairak, sought help from netizens after two men stole his cash at about 8am on September 15. Auad explained that he wanted to buy a car from his friend. So, he withdrew the cash of 20,000 baht and kept it in his pants pocket before riding a motorcycle to the friend’s house.

Upon arrival, Auad checked his pocket only to discover that his cash had mysteriously vanished. He rushed to check along the road and stopped to question one vendor at a local grocery shop in the area.

Auad learned from the vendor that two men parked a sedan by the side of the road and picked up his cash before leaving the scene. The vendor said she did not stop the two men because she did not realise that the money belonged to Auad.

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Another witness, Ek, told ThaiRath that he saw a white sedan moving into the left lane before parking. Two men rushed out of the car to collect something. The two hurriedly left the scene when Ek was about to exit his residence to check on the situation.

Auad said he had not yet filed a complaint with the police because he wanted to give the two men an opportunity to return the money to him. He added they can leave the cash with police at any nearby police station if they prefer not to meet him face to face.

Auad’s neighbour helped sought the CCTV footage of the incident and shared it on social media to pressure the two men to return the money. In the video. the two men are seen parking a white Nissan Almera sedan with a registration plate bearing 2กธ 5654 before getting out and gathering the bills.

The neighbour urged the men to return the money because Auad felt stressed and lacked appetite since the incident occurred.

The Thaiger wishes Auad good luck in the return of his lost cash. The Thaiger reported the good fortune of two other Thais who accidentally dropped money on the road and got it back.

In May, a motorcycle taxi rider returned 100,000 baht he found on the street in Bangkok to a Thai woman. A group of drivers and passengers in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen also helped a Thai woman recover 100,000 baht that had been blown away on the road in October last year.

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