Lottery enthusiasts turn to Chinese lunar calendars for June 1 draw

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Lottery enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the upcoming draw tomorrow, June 1, with the spotlight on numbers from Chinese lunar calendars. The excitement revolves around four versions of the Chinese calendar that are believed to hold lucky numbers for this draw.

As the lottery draw date nears, fans and seasoned players alike are on the lookout for the next set of winning numbers. The June 1 draw has sparked particular interest, with many turning to Chinese lunar calendars for guidance. These calendars have become a staple in the lottery community, often bringing luck and rewards to those who follow them closely.

A TikTok user, @nid8857, recently shared these coveted numbers from four different Chinese lunar calendars. This has caused a buzz among lottery enthusiasts who are keen to try their luck with these suggested numbers. The shared video has quickly gained traction, becoming a reference point for many looking to purchase their lottery tickets for the upcoming draw, reported KhaoSod.

“Lunar calendars have been a lucky charm for many, and this time, we have four versions to check out.

“Zoom in and check out the numbers for yourself, but always remember to play responsibly.”

Today marks the day when many will find out if they have the winning ticket. The anticipation is palpable as players check and compare the numbers from the lunar calendars with their tickets.

In related news, lottery enthusiasts are in a frenzy as the much-anticipated Chinese calendar lottery numbers have surfaced, promising potential wealth in the May 16 draw. The Chinese calendar, an often-referenced guide for those seeking lucky numbers, has released four editions worth scrutinising for the next big win.

In other news, the life of a woman in Surin changed forever when she found a lost lottery ticket in her bag and realised it had won first prize. The winning lottery number, 205690, was for the draw held on May 16.

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